Land Transport



MSE America meets the challenge of efficient ground transportation by orchestrating an extensive, tight network of  trucks, trains and yes, even human couriers in a logistics system that hums with efficiency and includes cross border transportation in North America that reduces waiting time and delays. 

  • LTL 1-2 day service to the closest gateway
    We monitor every shipment. Our expert project specialists are guided by state-of-the-art real time tracking data and extensive network flexibility in creating delivery options to meet any lead time you require and get you to your destination efficiently.

  • Time Sensitive Next Day Service
    Sometimes, you can’t afford to wait another day.  This special service meets any lead time requirement or emergency shipping need.  We have daily expedited truck routes that link major gateways with key manufacturing areas.  And, we’ll use charter trucks and air charter services to meet your deadline.

  • Charter expedited shipment service from 1 pound – 42,000 pounds
    Size doesn’t matter.  We’re flexible because we’ll package your shipment using our best logistic solutions and then put you on the most efficient route.  Our goal is combining equipment and technology that will get you there on time, no matter what the size of your shipment.